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Gaisce – The President’s Award  is an award in Ireland, earned by young people between the ages of 15 and 25 for participating in several activities for a certain period. There are three awards; bronze, silver and gold.

The centre is the ideal location to prepare and deliver the Gaisce bronze, silver and gold awards. Set amongst lakes, forestry and bogland, the area has it all to making the experience rewarding, interesting and fun.

Choose from our 24 hour bronze residential, choice of staying at the centre or camping, or our 48 hour silver program also with the option of staying in the centre or setting up camp.

Bronze award
The bronze award involves a hike of 25k – 35k over two consecutive days. Students are encouraged to get involved in the planning and organisation of this trip with the 7 principles of “Leave no Trace” being adhered to. The first phase of the walk takes in the Creevy to Rossnowlagh coastal walk, finishing at Murvagh beach. Day two brings the students through bog land and forestry, passing lakes along the way.

Silver award
The silver award involves a walk of 50k- 75k. This is achieved over 3 consecutive days with two nights residential in the centre, either of the nights can be spent camping if requested. Like the bronze award, the “leave no Trace” policies and talks will be a major part of this experience.

What to bring

What you need to bring for a Gaisce trip

Please read this very carefully. We recommend you bring with you the following items of clothing and equipment to help make your stay or day trip with us as comfortable as possible.

The weather on the west coast of Ireland proves to be very unpredictable so for anyone doing activities be prepared for everything from hail to blazing sun no matter what time of the year!

Old warm clothing Tracksuits, fleeces, combats are the best and most comfortable to wear. Bring at least one full change of warm sensible clothing

Rain jacket & trousers we strongly recommend you bring some rain gear for your trip. It does not have to be expensive but it is essential that you have at least one rain jacket with you. Hats, gloves and warm socks are a must and several spares are recommended as the activities are mostly outdoors and it is important to be prepared for all possibilities!

 Footwear Ideally if you have a pair of runners and walking boots it would be great. However runners will do just as well. If you have two pairs, one to keep dry and one to get wet it would be best.

Evening time wear a complete change of clothes and spare shoes for traveling home in or for evening wear.

Towels You cannot have too many towels with you on an activity holiday, we have towels available if someone forgets to bring one, just ask!

Plastic bags please bring plastic bags with you. By the end of your stay you may have quite a lot of wet clothes you will not want to put into your luggage.

Extras for summer Sunscreen, shorts, t-shirts for the summer months in case the sun comes out!

Gaisce Requirements Backpack Medium-sized rucksack to carry all your supplies, water, food and other equipment that will be needed, it is important to have a way of carrying water.

Rules for Schools and Youth Groups:

We would appreciate if you could make your group aware of the rules before arrival.

  • Any student found in possession or under the influence of alcohol will be sent home immediately at their own expense (for senior students who are 18 years old this is up to the teacher’s discretion). • Any student found in the possession or under the influence of any illegal drug will be sent home immediately at their own expense.
  • This is a non-smoking centre
  • The Breesy Centre has an excellent safety record, to ensure this continues we reserve the right to remove any uncontrollable students from adventure activities.
  • A fire drill will be performed for each group on arrival
  • Students must adhere to any safety requests by their instructors on a session. Any failure to comply will result in the student being removed from the activity.
  • All damage must be paid for. We operate a policy where any damage in the bedrooms is charged to the students in the room and divided equally amongst them. Please let us know before your stay if you would prefer if the individual responsible for the damage is charged only. If nobody admits to the damage and it is clear someone from your school is responsible, the bill will be sent directly to the school. We have CCTV in the centre.
  • Students are not allowed off the premises unless supervised by a teacher/leader or instructor.
  • The front of the building cannot be used to hang out, students can use the main hall or the rear of the building (The shop in the area can be used for 20 minutes after the evening meal, groups of no more than 6 can go at a time)
  • Valuables: We recommend that schools do not take any valuables e.g. phones, ipods, etc. with them If students do decide to bring them to, we are sorry but we will not accept responsibility for them.
  • Students are not allowed to leave their rooms after 11pm (all rooms are ensuite). The only time they may leave their rooms is if they need to contact the night supervisor.
  • We have developed these rules to ensure you and your students have a truly safe environment in which to enjoy your stay with us.


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